We have regular weekly walks linked to our Community Hub Cafe every Tuesday, (The Cafe is not yet open, but the walks are operating now. We hope to open the Cafe soon) The walks leave from the front of St Jude’s church at 10:30 to take a gentle walk around the local parks and return to the Community Hub for more conversation over a cuppa. This is all part of our links with the Get Active initiative that invites people to join in walks taking place around the city at various times and places each week.


A series of short (ish) walks primarily on Dartmoor led by one of the church’s Readers, are shown below. These walks will leave the church car park at 09:30 and will go ahead whatever the weather. The aim is to enjoy one another’s company and the views – it is NOT a “yomp”: we tend to finish at a local hostelry to replenish body salts …..

7 AUG 21  (BRIDGES 4) Two Bridges – Sittaford Tor – H White Tor – Rough Tor – Beardown Tors – Two Bridges.  13>4 Km = 4hr 35min.

4 SEP 21 (SHORT 1) Fox + Hounds – Arms Tor – Bleak House – Kitty Tor – Hunt Tor – Combe Down – Great Nodden – Fox + Hounds.  12.3Km = 4Hr 17min.

2 OCT 21  (ODDS3) Holming Beam – Beardown Tors – Rough Tor – Devil’s Tor – Conies Down Tor – Holming Beam. 13.4Km = 4 hr 34 min.

13 NOV 21 (BRIDGES 1) Two Bridges – Littaford Tor – Longaford Tor – L White Tor – Wistman’s Wood – Crockern Tor – Two Bridges. 10.8Km = 3 hr 40 min.

11 DEC 21 (BRIDGES 9) Postbridge – Lakehead Hill – Bellever Tor – Laughter Tor – Bellever – Two Bridges. 8.4Km = 2hr 59 min.

NB The Walking Times do not allow for stops – e.g.  lunch and coffee breaks; getting your breath back!!

Clothing and Equipment

You should never completely trust a weather forecast, even in the summer, and so it is suggested that the following minimum amount of kit is either worn or carried:

  • Stout shoes or trainers or wellies
  • Warm jersey / sweatshirt
  • Hat and gloves (in wintry conditions)
  • Waterproof Jacket plus trousers if possible
  • Lunch/Snack / chocolate and water
  • Small rucksack – to put this lot in
  • Rehydration tokens – beer money!

If you are able to go on any of these walks, then please contact us a few days before the date in case of transport problems, weather or other queries.