Many would call St Jude’s a relaxed and friendly open evangelical mildly charismatic Church. We take all of scripture seriously and as our source of truth, but we also believe it needs to be read reflectively, intelligently and within its contexts as a whole collection of books across the millennia of its composition. The Bible is not a black and white book of instructions, rather it is a glorious library of insight into God’s relationship with humanity from the beginning to the end of time, filled with colour and nuance. It is not always easy to understand but we also know the Holy Spirit is crucial for us individually and as a community in that understanding and in life. Within all of this, we encourage and support the ministry and leadership of all in every aspect of church life, lay and ordained, male or female.

Our 10:30am Sunday morning gatherings are live streamed and can be viewed live each week or from the archive via our YouTube Chanel here (Some description of our worship options are on our Services page)

We have a strong desire to be a community of faith and live out that faith with joy within our work, local area, among our friends and neighbours. To help us stay focused on who we need to be, what a church is ultimately for, we have a phrase to help us that we call ‘C4’ – that we hope to be a church that is about:

Christ and our Commitment to grow in him and his Commandments and Commission’

That means lives changed over time into living acts of Worship, not just Sunday mornings, of knowing that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are key for our relationship with the Father and each other in Fellowship, that we hope to grow as Disciples in our commitment to him and his commandments of loving God and our neighbour, who we can both serve in Ministry and share with in Mission – living out the Great Commandments and Great Commission.

We’re not serious at all, but we take Jesus seriously and we know we cannot do all this without the help of the Holy Spirit. That is why, in 2021, we chose Ephesians 2:22 as our year verse – “In him you are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit”.

We hope you will find us welcoming, friendly and here for you in your walk with Jesus.