Hi! This page isn’t always going to be that interesting. Its where we put things that might be helpful to download sometimes. Simple things like our rotas or larger items like the Vicar’s Sabbatical Summary about the early church, through the lens of St Paul’s letters. You can also download a copy of his book here, ‘Gardens’ Dining Rooms and Kitchens’, on friendly yet effective whole church engaged evangelism and discipleship.

So this is where we hold those types of documents… we said it wasn’t always very interesting, but if you came here by accident, have a lovely rest of your day 🙂

St Jude’s uses whole church friendship as its approach to mission and discipleship – all summed up in the following ‘watermarked’ copy of the book by our Vicar, Tim Smith. Do feel free to download it but please don’t duplicate it without asking us first via our Contact Us page. There is also the short video below that can be used to explain the whole church Gardens, Dining Room and Kitchen Evangelism and Discipleship framework more visually, Do feel free to use it if it helps.

Our Vicar undertook a Sabbatical in the Summer of 2020 studying the letters of St Paul, the early church and early synagogues. As Paul’s epistles were all written before any of the Gospels, as a canon taken together they give a unique insight into the early church. Tim has produced this short summary that only touches on some of what he found. We hope its helpful.

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