Lots for Autumn & Winter at St Jude’s

As the plans for the Autumn and Spring were completed I found Proverbs 16:3 so encouraging:

“Entrust your work to the LORD, and your planning will succeed”

There is a moment in planning when you get all your ideas down on paper and can see the way ahead – this Autumn and Spring at St Jude’s just looks exciting!

From Tuesday the 5th September, if you’re free and not done the course before, why not join us for “Just Walk Across The Room” at 12 noon after the Hub Café. It’s a video and chat type course to help remove fear and guilt from evangelism – it’s about friendship and waiting on the Holy Spirit. Feel free to join in.

Then from Tuesday the 3rd October, again at 12 noon after the Community Hub, a lunchtime Alpha Course. Come and explore with us with a light lunch type snack or maybe think about bringing along a friend – 10 weeks all at 12noon.

On Tuesday evenings 12th Sept, 10 October and 14 November at 7pm, as an experiment – Church Café. Its an opportunity to chat things over as ideas and for the church to raise things they would like to talk through. The PCC is a very busy meeting and not best suited for broader conversations and thinking. Therefore, I wanted to see if this is an opportunity to gather without an agenda or reach decisions, to have conversation about Church matters – the things that can’t really be done on Sundays either as we almost always have guests present. Let’s see if its helpful.

Sunday Evenings from 17 Sept – Wisdom. Using Proverbs and Ecclesiastes to impart God’s wisdom into some areas of normal life.

Sunday Evenings from 29 October – The Holy Spirit in… In a similar way, the opportunity for each speaker to bring their own take on the topic of the Holy Spirit – but this time as he appears within the Old Testament, The Gospels, in Acts and in the Epistles.

Sunday Mornings from 3 December – Hark The Herald Angels Sing For a strong theme for Advent into Christmas, we’ll use lines from this carol for our topic areas each week with a reading to help pick up a single line from the carol each Sunday. i.e. “God and sinners reconciled“ with 2 Cor 5:17-21. There is so much of the gospel and theology within this carol and great for our major guest events.

New Year and a Year Verse. Each year St Jude’s uses a single slice of scripture to focus on across the year, with postcards and fridge magnets to help. What will it be this year?

40 Days of Community In January we’ll invite members of the church, if they would like to, to join in a small group to do a video course – 40 Days of Community. When we did 40 Days of Purpose 10 years ago, it was to answer the question “What on earth am I here for?”, now these materials will help us instead with “What on earth are WE here for?” If folk really don’t want to join a weekly group, that’s OK as each Sunday morning’s teaching will be leading into that week’s group topic. Each following Sunday evening will be a reflective talk on the prior week’s materials around the memory verses for each week.

Wow – that’s a season and a half planned. Now we “entrust our work to the LORD” and pray that our “planning will succeed”.

Do feel free to join us. We’re a friendly bunch at St Jude’s with some really interesting options ahead from 2017 into 2018 all set up for you. Hope to see you soon.