The Alpha Course

St Jude’s are thrilled to offer midday course with a free light lunch starting on the 3rd October 2017

Our courses take place at 12 noon in our Upper Hall on our site at St Jude’s on Beaumont Road, Plymouth. The course is free to attend.

A typical time together would start at 12 noon (Now with a FREE light lunch! ) It gives some time to allow folk to gather – a bit of soup and a roll, good fresh coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a biscuit… or two. Once folk have arrived we sit down to watch a video – an easy watch with some information in it on a different topic each week. Its not designed to convince, rather to give some input for a conversation to follow. Any questions or topics can be asked about – the main DNA of Alpha is ‘exploring’. Come for as long as you feel is right for you, if its not your thing no-one will chase you. If you miss a week, its a shame – but not a disaster. The whole course runs over 10 sessions and we should finish by about 2.00pm from a 12 noon start.

If you consider that on average we spend…

… and have maybe 570,000 more hours in this life – why not spend less than 24 of them asking life’s biggest questions?

If you have any questions or want to get yourself preregistered just send us an e-mail on the form below.

We’re looking forward to exploring with you.

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